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      • The link on this page sends you to the programme of events – over the weekend the only posts will be INKSPILL posts. People can read them, use them, write from them, save them for future reference.

        The idea was for people to give themselves some time to write – of course if you don’t have free time this weekend you can dip into the posts at any time – they will still be here.
        However, this weekend it is hoped followers and visitors will take the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and writing.
        Just as we would in a real retreat.

        Earlier in the summer followers were able to suggest areas they wanted information on and the programme has been built around this.

        Also it is NaNoWriMo next month and this is good preparation for that.

        Basically it is an opportunity for you to give yourself some writing time and maybe find out some things you didn’t know before.

  1. Welcomes and first activities NOW LIVE – I will spruce them up AWF style when I get home.
    Next part of the programme will be posted this evening.
    Until then take a break or work on your own writing. Don’t forget to spend some time posting your work and commenting on how you found it.

    Look forward to an active weekend, starting this evening with real time posts.

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