INKSPILL – 1st Task – First Dip 3/3


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FRIDAY 25th October – DAY 1


awf workshop First Dip (into the Fountain) a 3-part writing activity.

Your 1st Task – A Page On… 3/3

3 Part Task

Re-read the 3 pages, find your associations and make another list (this one is unique to you)


3) Friendship cake, the 80’s, green kitchen

See how far another page of writing takes you – it’s endless.

All the writing (6 pages) you just produced for the 1st task is ready-made material, by that I mean it was already in you. Your memories, your life

Rule 3# right?

Rule 3# Write (from) what you know.

You may deem this writing to be rubbish or nonsense or useless. It may mean something to you later. You may use some of it as a base for a character or a situation. You may have written a phrase that eventually becomes the opening line of a short story.

Or you could be right, maybe it rubbish! (I doubt it) Honour Rule 4.

Rule 4# Never throw any writing away!

You never know when opening that notebook or scanning that post may help you out from a hole or a block or become something quite spectacular.

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