Learning Lines and Loving Life – 2nd performance at the mic


Today I am lucky enough to be working from home, I am trying to learn some of my set off by heart and am practising my poem for tonight. I have found out there will be just 6 of us performing after the Emmapress Mildly Erotic Poetry Tour, tonight in Statford- Upon-Avon. Mildly-Erotic-Poetry-Tour

I am looking forward to my second spot behind the mic in 15 years tonight! 2012 brighton 532

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    • It was an amazing night Kim, I am attempting t get rid of the adrenaline that is inside me now, still a couple of hours after arriving home! I have posted about the launch.

      The poem was from this blog actually – part of the picture and write it challenge and something that would never have existed if I wasn’t blogging!

      I took it to my 1st Stanza meeting in September and took advice from fellow writers and had a tweak this morning and made some further edits.
      It is a much better version than the original free – write. I will find it when I get a chance and send a link – use categories to browse and pick ‘Picture It and Write’.

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