Adverts – Technical Advice Sought


I have had adverts showing on my site since September – does anyone know what I have to do to charge/ make money from adverts? I may as well if they are all over my blog anyway.



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  1. hi! so far all I know is that you pay the $18 for your page to be a .com and then you can sign up with wordads (wordpress’ ad’s centre, works like adsense) …I hope I helped somewhat, I don’t know a lot about the process but there’s a lot of info out there on google 🙂

    • Thanks for the help – when I first started blogging this year, I did some preliminary research into platforms and chose wordpress on usability and reputation. I guess we will just to have to put up with adverts. Although I was considering sometime in the future buying $18 site and then raise that capital outlay back in advertising revenue.

      • that’s the smartest way to do it but yeah basically untilthen you don’t really have the option to get rid of them or get paid for them until you do that. which sucks but in the big scheme of things I think wordpress is a lot better than some of the other websites out there, but if you want to eventually move it so that you don’t have the ads or find that it bothers you a lot you can change it to a different host.

      • True – as I said I researched platforms/ hosts before I started the blog and I still feel that wordpress is the right one for me. I can put up with the new enterprise as long as it doesn’t annoy followers of the blog too much!

      • Yeah thats right, I don’t think it does bother anyone, well you’d think that it wouldn’t anyway.

  2. I followed the link above the ad to find out more and learnt that if I don’t want the ads I have to pay! Truly bizarro world stuff. To make money from the ads I think you have to pay to join an ad site.

    • Thanks for all the information – I guess they rely on the revenue of annoyance as much as the initial advertising revenue – I have no plans to move to a money making blog and don’t really want to become a wordpress sandwich board – but they plastered me when I wasn’t looking. 😉

      • Yes – paying for the right not to be billboard is ridiculous but I guess ti’s just another example of how capitalism works – the niche was there and some enterprising person at WordPress saw a way to make money out of it.

      • True Suzanne, and to be fair it is free for us to create- I prefer the profits being made this way rather than paying for the host site personally.

  3. I posted a rant about this change in policy. Free blogging platform is not so free! I realize there are costs, but make it clearer that you have to pay to play ad free. I see them on my blog with my posts. Do the same ads show up when someone reviews your blog post? That’s my task for the day; checking blog posts for ads! And, putting ads in the post is like fb’s sneaky way of getting endorsements/likes for their advertisers in the message stream not just on the right side bar.
    Perhaps it’s time for a people against ads on to form a group. Wonder if blog spot is going the same route!

    • Thanks – feel free to rant – I wondered if this advertising had happened to us all or if blogs have to be a certain size or age before they start using you as a free advertising board – I know that this is a revenue issue (same as glossy mags that are mostly full of adverts – if I ever take one in hand luggage I rip all the advert pages out and that way take twice as many glossies – time I got an ereader and an app!

      I just hope they don’t annoy the readers as much as they annoy me. Oh well – will have to ‘imagine’ my bonus as the free blog platform and ready made community here on wordpress.

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