Daily Archives: October 21, 2013

Adverts – Technical Advice Sought


I have had adverts showing on my site since September – does anyone know what I have to do to charge/ make money from adverts? I may as well if they are all over my blog anyway.



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Monday, Monday!


2012 brighton 625 …. because today I needed to be!

Another day of work – the rain was horrible on the roads and my tech let me down so finding the place was a major issue, still despite the bad start and getting locked off site over lunch time, wandering around in the rain getting very wet, cold and frustrated – they asked me back tomorrow. I am already booked elsewhere. It was a very challenging day! I didn’t stop until I got in this evening. And then I stopped – literally! Went for a lie down!

Now I have some work to do from home in preparation for tomorrow and lots of work emails to send – including some to get permissions for Inkspill.

I have managed some chores and thankfully Mr G sorted out tea…. and I came home to treats – a Wonka Bar and lottery scratch card (fingers crossed!)

I have also found out about another open mic event taking place this Thursday and signed up! I have Stratford-Upon-Avon on Wednesday night, work Thursday and then an evening out for another Spoken Word event on Thursday! I originally booked an open mic in November (after performing for the 1st time in 15 years in Warwickshire) – since then I have discovered or been invited to two other open mic nights (performing at both) and a show with open mic slot! I will be well on the way to confidently performing by November’s SpeakEasy!writing_swirls


Going to spend some time tomorrow night getting sets sorted and learning as many words by heart as I can.