Picture it & Write – Scars of Art


pictureitandwrite2copy-12 Click on the button to find out all about this challenge. I am so happy to be back writing for challenges.

A BIG Thank you to Ermisenda and Eliabeth the co-authors of this blog, I have taken part in the challenges for a while now, recently I have returned to the performance poetry circuit and started going to Stanza meetings where other wonderfully talented poets help me polish and edit my words.

I have used 3 pieces so far to perform or work on and ALL of them were born from the Picture it and Write challenge. So thank you…. we never know where the words will take us.



Staring into the bathroom mirror

he focuses on the ink,

His latest facial body art,

loudly declaring raw feelings.


The past decade of struggle

confined in a minute black tear.

He is the only one who

knows the full story.


He wants to let go of pain, feel his muscles relax.

He practises the feeling of freedom

Found beneath

the water.


Submerging his face

in a sink full of cold water.

It only takes a second for

the initial freeze to sooth.


He could cry here.

The tears would escape un-noticed.

Invisible in water.



All except the black ink tear

That will forever

Expose him.

A reminder of what should have been.

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  1. A powerful ending. I liked how so much of his suffering will go unnoticed and yet there is one memory that will forever stay. I wonder what it was. A great sense of intrigue. Oh, and thank you for the shout out at the beginning of the post. I love making these posts and am always excited to read the entries. Keep writing, Neens! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    • Thanks for such a warm response – I have missed taking part in challenges recently.
      I like to leave the reader thinking – leave them to create their own imaginings! 🙂 if it intrigued you and got you thinking then it has worked.
      I am booked for an open mic slot next week that is a Halloween theme – as that is not an area I really touch on – I have a very small collection of poems to share, I wrote this with the projection of reading it next week at the event.

      You’re welcome for the shout out – it is deserved.
      I have noticed some people just send links to their blogs rather than the post and not everyone links back. I believe in credit where it is due and also if it wasn’t for honest bloggers giving credit, I still wouldn’t have found all the wonderful challenges I have found and now regularly participate in.

      Thank YOU!

      • Oh, congratulations on the open mic thing. I hope it goes well. Believe in yourself! 😀 Your such a great person. Thanks for your support again Neens. Without people like you, Pi&W wouldn’t be the same.

        – Ermisenda

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