Getting Poetry Published – A Workshop by Jane Commane- Birmingham Literature Festival


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We are nearly at the end of all my articles about the Birmingham Literature Festival.

BLF Poetry workshop in publishing with Jane Commane – Editor, Nine Arches Press.

I had looked forward to this poetry workshop since I booked it in August. Sometime in early October, I was worried that I had perhaps booked onto a workshop for poet’s at an earlier stage in their careers. It was all about getting published and I have been published since 1991.

I originally thought it might be a good way of finding out up to date information and getting research without having to research. Lots has changed in the world of publishing since 2003, when I last wrote and was published.

The day finally came (after 3 days of full time work, travelling, planting the garden with Spring flowers, a book launch, an afternoon film and an evening poetry performance) I was really tired. I overslept. Snoozed through all alarms and was only woken by Mr G phoning me (coincidentally). I literally had 20 minutes to get up and ready and out on the road. I prayed that I would make it in time and find parking!

If it had been a free event I think I would have missed it and gone back to bed, but I couldn’t!

It was a great workshop (again the small poetry world) out of the handful of attendees I had met 2 of them at the writers network meeting a few weekends ago. We had some time to look at poetry magazines and a few names were dropped that I have highlighted in my notebook for some additional research. As far as the rest of the workshop – it consolidated what I already knew.

I already have a published track record and what I am attempting currently is to get some more up to date poetry published for the CV and then I am going to write my own collection.

It was fun, I feel right at home in writing workshops. writingrut

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