Accounting & other Non-Internet Related Past Times


Frustration is mounting… The mouse is on order …
We are still offline.

One of my waking thoughts was about my junk mail filter deleting 100’s of emails before I get a chance to vet.
My daily work is signed in for and paid electronically… Almost everything I do relies on having internet access for at least 2 hours a day!

My phone (in use now) is okay for quickly updating, but I miss exploring blogland, I cannot tag posts or add graphics, and accessing email is a nightmare.

I pray the mouse will come on Monday.

I spent time last night writing blog posts offline. The festival, workshops and seminars of the past fortnight form a big part of forward motion of this ‘The Write Year’ 2013.
I also updated my Excel sheets for submissions and expenditure.
Anyone else keep accounts? I am not earning money from writing but I hope (although it is a small Bank of giving) one day I might. I managed it in the 90’s, however I did struggle to buy bread some weeks and soon learnt my arty friends were sofa hopping and not renting 2 bed terraces like me.
I still think it is important practise for the self- employed to be. I am hoping that evidence of expenditure may help against future taxes, although I bet they have to fall in the same financial year. Shame because 2013 so far has cost me a months wages. In context after outgoings for car, house, living costs I have spent all the spare cash for the past 10 months… AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ….and I have broken retail therapy issues as I can no longer afford to buy clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Don’t feel sorry for me, I have more than enough for my 2 feet and 1 body!

Hoping to be online next week. Busy with the end of Lit Fest and getting house sorted this weekend.

Happy writing!

Have a splash about for older posts of worth. Lots to read. Enjoy!

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