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Coming LIVE from the Literature Festival


Unfortunately we are still offline at home, I am in the new shiny library and have just 10 minutes of public access on the new computers… I had to go high up in the air to Level 3 to find one!

Today is the last day of the Literature Festival. I booked tickets for tonight way back in August and so hadn’t planned on journeying into the city until teatime.
Then I checked social media on my phone and found that not 2 but 3 recently familiar to me (in the past month) poets were performing at the afternoon event…
Well I could hardly miss that opportunity.

Mr G and I had hatched plans to get some of the house organised, we are using tomorrow now. In fact (I hope he forgives me for saying so) he was snoring as I left the house at lunchtime.

I decided rather than parking charges for half a day in the city I would take the train. I also forgot what town is like on Saturdays and why I rarely venture out this way beyond the confides of a weekday!

The train ran on time and it was like a spa treatment to have time to read my book!

The show was fantastic and I got to see Jo Bell’s film poem ‘Lifted’ on a giant screen. I will amend this post when I am back online at home to add details of the performance and performers.

The library (I have just discovered) closes at 5pm … I did wonder why all the PC’s were booked out at 16:45 bang goes my idea of relaxing for an hour before the studio show this evening.

I will have to venture into town for food and drink!

I am enjoying my last day in this poetry skin and can’t wait to look at my notebook and find all the musings these great poets and writers have left me with.

As I made my way out Rachel who has written a 30000 story over the 10 days of the festival, finished. 30053 Final word count! I made it downstairs in time for photos and cake…. Narrowly missed the sparkly champers. Managed to congratulate her and snap a picture or two before the library closed! 

Happy Writing

Keep reading the old stuff as I am still offline and helpless….

Accounting & other Non-Internet Related Past Times


Frustration is mounting… The mouse is on order …
We are still offline.

One of my waking thoughts was about my junk mail filter deleting 100’s of emails before I get a chance to vet.
My daily work is signed in for and paid electronically… Almost everything I do relies on having internet access for at least 2 hours a day!

My phone (in use now) is okay for quickly updating, but I miss exploring blogland, I cannot tag posts or add graphics, and accessing email is a nightmare.

I pray the mouse will come on Monday.

I spent time last night writing blog posts offline. The festival, workshops and seminars of the past fortnight form a big part of forward motion of this ‘The Write Year’ 2013.
I also updated my Excel sheets for submissions and expenditure.
Anyone else keep accounts? I am not earning money from writing but I hope (although it is a small Bank of giving) one day I might. I managed it in the 90’s, however I did struggle to buy bread some weeks and soon learnt my arty friends were sofa hopping and not renting 2 bed terraces like me.
I still think it is important practise for the self- employed to be. I am hoping that evidence of expenditure may help against future taxes, although I bet they have to fall in the same financial year. Shame because 2013 so far has cost me a months wages. In context after outgoings for car, house, living costs I have spent all the spare cash for the past 10 months… AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ….and I have broken retail therapy issues as I can no longer afford to buy clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Don’t feel sorry for me, I have more than enough for my 2 feet and 1 body!

Hoping to be online next week. Busy with the end of Lit Fest and getting house sorted this weekend.

Happy writing!

Have a splash about for older posts of worth. Lots to read. Enjoy!