Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

A Day as a Poet


I had a disturbed night of sleep and was very lucky that Mr G happened to call me at 8.30a.m … The call woke me up… I was due to leave for a poetry workshop in the City (another Literature Festival event!)

I grabbed clothes, washed quickly, armed with my big notebook and a cereal bar, hit the road.

It had been a long day the day before with work, poetry film and poetry event in the evening. I am still recovering.

Tomorrow I have a free morning until 11, then I’m working again and have my first private tutoring job in the evening!

I prayed all the way that I would make it and have parking etc. It took just over 30 minutes and I drove straight into a parking space and made it with 5 minutes to spare.

It was a great workshop which I will blog about when I can get back on the broken laptop.

I have just got in from SpeakEasy a new title for an ongoing spoken word event in a different City. It was a fantastic night. Again I will blog all about it when back on pc.

And today I have met several more poets and writers and organised a 3rd open mic slot at a Halloween Word event for the end of the month!

I have loved my day as the poet and am reluctant to wear my 2nd skin tomorrow.