At Last Time to Ponder and be Still…


weekend-vector-102765Saturday has at last arrived, my hope of a lie in (first one this week) has been ticked off the ‘To Do’ list (which is in my head today, the recording method works for me so well. Today I am not alone and I know Mr G will motivate the steady flow of jobs to do… he has already started!) and that’s as far as I have got! 🙂

I am planning a lazy, homebound day, peppered with household/garden chores, some home cooking, time with Mr G and marinated in hours of writing!

I have sought inspiration this week from so many places, my notebook is full of scribbles and my creative spirit is bursting for the spotlight. I have to give in!

I have a heavy schedule next week and today is my only ‘breathing’ day. I haven’t had time to venture out into Blogland at all this week so I am starting there.

What are you up to today?

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    • Thanks Jules, I am way behind in the rest of Blogland and am actively working on real life – real time poetry and literature events as well as preparing Inkspill – our online writing retreat for 25-27th Oct. however, apart from NaNoWriMo and some open mics, November looks clearer… will come out to play as soon as I can. 🙂
      Thanks for the prompt!

      PS don’t worry – I am way behind on return visits too….

      • If I was only more adept at computerese and had more time – that retreat looks interesting. I can’t do NaNoWriMo…too time consuming for me and the thought of a whole book…I just write small stuff.

        Good luck on all your ventures!!!

      • Thanks – the retreat is just on the blog – all the posts I make over the weekend will have a focus. I will post the programme in a week or so, You just choose what you want to use and share the results if you so wish.

        I understand about NaNoWriMo, it is a hefty workload.
        I still have half a manuscript to finish.

    • I will try to leave more – been so busy with Literature Festival events, work and preparing Inkspill… I forget how much people enjoy reading the real life snippets too!

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