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At Last Time to Ponder and be Still…


weekend-vector-102765Saturday has at last arrived, my hope of a lie in (first one this week) has been ticked off the ‘To Do’ list (which is in my head today, the recording method works for me so well. Today I am not alone and I know Mr G will motivate the steady flow of jobs to do… he has already started!) and that’s as far as I have got! 🙂

I am planning a lazy, homebound day, peppered with household/garden chores, some home cooking, time with Mr G and marinated in hours of writing!

I have sought inspiration this week from so many places, my notebook is full of scribbles and my creative spirit is bursting for the spotlight. I have to give in!

I have a heavy schedule next week and today is my only ‘breathing’ day. I haven’t had time to venture out into Blogland at all this week so I am starting there.

What are you up to today?

Organizing a NaNoWriMo Novel The Jim Butcher Way


A great article with lots of links for everyone who is considering camping out for NaNoWriMo, a must read piece. Enjoy!

Melora Johnson's Muse


Okay, first of all, do you know who Jim Butcher is? He writes this fantastic series of urban fantasy books based around a wizard named Harry Blackstone Dresden in modern day Chicago. If it sounds interesting, there’s already something like 12 books in the series. Check him out at your local library or on Amazon. Here’s Jim Butcher’s Amazon page.  

Okay, he also writes another series called Codex Alera and I’m sure the writing is just as fine but I haven’t read it so I can’t say I love it, like I can the Harry Dresden series. They are fun, fast-paced action but also really good writing and he always hits me with something deep somewhere along the way. Love it!

Anyway, he also wrote a a LiveJournal where he shared information on writing. I’ve been looking at distilling it down to steps I can use to plan…

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