Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Friday’s Frantic Frenzied Flurries


A manically busy day today. I attempted to go to a Macmillan coffee morning. An old school friend, (it would have been a lovely reunion) planned one last Friday (the official date) and then her daughter was ill and it was postponed. Last Friday I was called to work and wouldn’t have managed it, I suddenly remembered it was today. coffee macmillan

I am one of the last few humans without a SatNav and so I use route finders online, I scribbled my directions and headed out – she was hosting it at 9:30 and it was meant to be in a village 15 minutes away. I got incredibly lost and drove around theMap-of-the-UK-with-the-St-Georges-Flag-1848837 lanes for ages. I looked for half an hour, all attempts to communicate with her failed – little signal out in the sticks. Since arriving home this afternoon I have contacted her and think I DID actually make it, and then drove past her cottage twice. C’est la vie! We are still going to meet up!


I then drove across to my old apartment – there were lots of errands to run including some banking and visiting the newsagents for this month’s writing magazine, which they had in stock. I had a moment of weakness in there with the glossies, Mr G and I used to get new magazines every weekend. I haven’t bought one this year and several titles had £2 OFFERS + free gifts worth more than several issues of the magazine… clever! They got me! I ended up buying a paperback books worth of magazines. Plenty for the next few weekends and still at a 50% of what the products would have cost new. They are all make-up/ face cream related. I will use them up at least.

to do

I went to visit family and inspired by Jo Bell yesterday, took some photos of the canal, complete with tunnels. boats and swans.

This afternoon I picked up more compost for this weekend’s planting project and restocked our cupboards and fridge.best teacher I had run out of all the lunchables to pack for a days work and until we get the new chest freezer we ordered (in a few weeks time) I have no space to prepare ready made sandwiches. I get a lunch allowance but some places there is nowhere to go and buy a meal. Must be prepared. Especially as today I have secured 2 bookings for next week, so that’s 3 out of 4 days booked with work. I have a workshop and Literary/ Open Mic event on the Thursday so hadn’t planned to try and work as well. Literally won’t have time to!



After coming home I have achieved very little and fell asleep shortly after tea. (Balti rolls and our home-made pickle from home-grown cucumber, onion and chilli’s). I woke up at 8pm (it felt like midnight) and now I have caught up on emails and hope to do some blogging. My mind is a little too slow to create writing – having said that this morning whilst waiting for the call for work that never came, I filled my hour with reading and writing. Two poems in rough form. Both about last night’s Literature Festival Launch. pencil paper freestock