Pandora’s Box has been Opened!


I don’t think I actually gave up Performance Poetry or reading at Open Mic events… it just happened.

I do know my last mic time was in 1998… a decade and a half ago.

The buzz of adrenaline I have now – having just made it home, is incredible! I cannot believe I waited this long. I don’t think I was waiting so much as a dormant. My creative spirit bubbled away under the surface, loading my sub-conscious with experiences to draw on at a later time. My spirit held on, knowing that I would explode again in her lifetime!

And here I am. Erupting. I plan on being on fire now for the rest of my life.

It has been so long that my brand new file was from Woolworths, which closed in the UK January 2009. (The folder really hadn’t been used either, waiting for this day.) Funnily enough my 2013 writing notebook is from Woolworths too – although that had been Christened in 2009 (when I took the inspired trip to Woolworths) to stock up on stationery after deciding to get back into writing – a venture that lasted just a few months.

So here I am, having opened Pandora’s Box, I see that all inside glistens with gold richness and I do not intend to do anything other than roll in the rush of belonging to this place and finally finding my way home.


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  1. Just rifled through some old writing myself earlier this evening. I discovered the muse was dancing around five years ago but I was not aware of it. One piece looks blog worthy. The rest will have to wait. Although they did give birth to a story I started writing while getting my hair done! I know how it feels to be on fire!

    • Rifling through old writing is great, it is amazing what you find or where you are transported to from reading it. I was brave enough to read two new poems last night and I read some published ones – from the early days, a few years before I started performing poetry. It was great.
      I’m with you though, often you find that the old writing isn’t quite right but often it inspires something else. Not everything we write is perfect and no-one said it had to be! Enjoy looking through it.

      Muse works that way – silent and invisible.

      I love feeling the fire!

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