Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

Performing Poetry


I was very excited when I came home from work to discover my voicemail messages this evening.

I have been invited to read some poems tomorrow night. This is a fantastic surprise and I am very excited.

Last month I decided after attending writers’ network meetings and book launches that I was actively going to seek opportunities with poetry.

I joined Stanza (Poetry Society) group and look forward to the meeting this month. I also networked with other writers and poets and sought new opportunities – some of which I have unfortunately missed already.

I am looking forward to this exciting venture – it will be the first time back on stage after 15 years! Fingers crossed.


SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge – Rocketing Through


I realised last week that I had missed the SOLC on Tuesday so this, once again is a double catch up. Life seems to have taken off over the last few weeks. SOLC

Lots of exciting writing news first. Last month I decided to focus on poetry and getting back onto the local circuit after a 15 year break! The past fortnight has seen a lot of forward movement;

  • I had my first writing job confirmed and start working in January on this project with the objective of having a bigger role in 2014.
  • I attended my first Stanza meeting (Poetry Society), spent a fantastic, relaxed evening with poets and received some great feedback on my material.
  • I went to a seminar at the weekend led by Margaret Silf. A wonderfully inspiring day which gave me time to focus on some deep questions, take lots of notes and be inspired to write a collection of poetry. (My next project!)
  • This evening I received my first invitation to perform at a Poetry Event being held tomorrow night. EXCITED!

Work News

After a month of chasing paperwork and references the agencies I signed up to in September are now live, all I have to do is wait for the call.

  • I have had three interviews.
  • Obtained a position locally (one day a week).
  • Managed to gain work through contacts.
  • Been booked for two extra days this month.

‘Money will flow’… it was a huge risk but so far (on happiness stakes at least) has paid off.

On Life

  • I met Mr G for a lunch date (love meeting him from the office!)
  • We went to a Swedish furniture store to eat hotdogs and buy furniture for the house.
  • Mr G and I went to the theatre (a belated birthday present/ date) we saw ‘Elynside Fields’ written by the writer in residence Nick Wilkes. It was a great production and an enjoyable (and nowadays with the mortgages) a rare night out!
  • We planted lots of seeds in our garden, bought a few weeks ago.
  • Had lots to sort out with my car (recall issue and tax etc.) and
  • the apartment/ estate agents.
  • Met up with an old friend I haven’t seen properly in years and discovered the secret and wonderful world of coffee mornings.
  • Mr G and I met up with my cousin in a local village for the annual Scarecrow Festival.scarecrow scarecrow1 This is a great local event and always a fun day out. This year’s theme was ‘The Best of British.’

I will try to read your slices tomorrow. I should have time in between sorting the apartment, banking, shopping and preparing for my first poetry event.