Manic Monday


Manically busy that is… unless I received a call today I would have the day to organise, do and write. I was awake early enough for work and very tired.

I received a few morning calls but all to tie up the paper trail so I can work tomorrow. I was on the phone and email from 3 hours (the whole morning) sorting out missing information and solutions to problems.

This did frustrate me – especially as I had other things to do, but my income relies on this, I had no choice.

I am now yawning my head off and in desperate need of an early night – as I am working again tomorrow. On my recorded this morning pre- 8am to do list I have achieved… about 11 things (mostly from the ‘work’ section.) I have lots to still do, including planned posts I have owed this blog since before the weekend!

I have managed to start my October Action Plan  – October I can’t believe we are so close to Winter now.

I have spent most of September setting up the opportunities, now I keep my fingers crossed that they will work.


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