WOW! 450


awf 450450 followers now splashing in the waters of the fountain. I am grateful to all who have found something in this blog for them. May you continue to enjoy and share in the WordPress community.

I am in awe of some of the recent statistics from AWF. In the early days I used to watch them like a hawk, it is too easy to get obsessed by the collated data. Bottom line – I am delighted that I am no longer writing into the void. (That was akin to talking to myself… an act I am used to.)

Huge thanks for taking the time to follow. I appreciate your support.

Massive thanks to those who read the threads regularly.

Enormous gratitude to all who interact by liking posts.

Immense appreciation for those brave enough to respond. to those who communicate through comments and links shared.

Monumental gratefulness to the fouintaineers for all your support. You may not even know who you are, but when you leave me messages they are sprinkled with hope, power, inspiration, motivation and often experience. You are my ‘personal cheerleaders’, you keep me going when I start to think about my time commitment to Blogland.awf 450

To all 450 strangers and friends, writers and readers….

thank you x motivate plans

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    • Thanks Kim that’s sweet to know. I haven’t managed to visit any blogs for a few months now, juggling time and you can see have been falling behind with my own blog a bit. Hope to catch up soon – I know there was something you wanted me to have a look at too. I will get in touch with you about that before Inkspill. 🙂 Have a good week.

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