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WOW! 450


awf 450450 followers now splashing in the waters of the fountain. I am grateful to all who have found something in this blog for them. May you continue to enjoy and share in the WordPress community.

I am in awe of some of the recent statistics from AWF. In the early days I used to watch them like a hawk, it is too easy to get obsessed by the collated data. Bottom line – I am delighted that I am no longer writing into the void. (That was akin to talking to myself… an act I am used to.)

Huge thanks for taking the time to follow. I appreciate your support.

Massive thanks to those who read the threads regularly.

Enormous gratitude to all who interact by liking posts.

Immense appreciation for those brave enough to respond. to those who communicate through comments and links shared.

Monumental gratefulness to the fouintaineers for all your support. You may not even know who you are, but when you leave me messages they are sprinkled with hope, power, inspiration, motivation and often experience. You are my ‘personal cheerleaders’, you keep me going when I start to think about my time commitment to Blogland.awf 450

To all 450 strangers and friends, writers and readers….

thank you x motivate plans

Blogtember – Over a Week LATE… But, I got There! ‘Comfort’



Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort.
Comfort, a place you finally fit.
Comfort, a warmth that is bone deep.
Comfort, a primal position.
Comfort, a soft, feather pillow.
Comfort, a memory foam mattress.
Comfort, is modern living.
Comfort is everything we take for granted.
Comfort, to be done, to be content.
Comfort Boxing Day after Christmas madness,
Sunday after a busy week.
Comfort, a loving family.
Comfort, a solid bond.
Comfort in the arms of a parent
Or a lover,
Or a friend.
Comfort – our need in times of sadness.
Comfort – our desire after pain,
Comfort – is dependable, strong and secure.
fs cat
Comfort forgotten in the womb
Comfort discovered amongst toys in your room,
Comfort explored in post adolescent gloom,
Comfort given after the sun, by the moon.
Comfort found in sparks of hope striking amidst doom.
Comfort shrouding the body inside your tomb.
freestock pink flower
The full circles of the story of life. (Inspired by yesterday’s Seminar.)
Comfort in the pure and constant repeat of day and night.

Mind Machine Rolling


Having lived a jam packed, adrenaline fuelled 48 hours, this evening I dozed off in the armchair around 9 p.m. I have finally crawled into my lovely soft, warm bed and in the space between waking and arriving here I have woken up and now have a switched on mind, tumbling through all its pictures and thoughts.

I could close my eyes. I am tired enough to create dreams and sleep. I also know these precious thoughts may not be rolling through my mind tomorrow.


Before I sleep I need to capture these moments and images. Splurge the contents of my mind machine on paper.

Poetry will come from it. Tomorrow’s words.

Always write out from waking moments.