Full Steam Ahead!


This is what I wanted… I am very excited … but my time to blog has been reduced, so I am just popping in quickly to share the news.



This morning I shared coffee with a good friend who I have not seen for ages and met her daughter, so cute. Before I even left the house she called, we had talked about work opportunities and she had an opening. I just had 1 piece of vitally important paperwork still missing. Annoyingly I knew it was somewhere in the postal system, as I have tracked the progress online, but I had no way of working without it. So I had to let this morning go.

Before I left for our coffee morning (oh, it is SO nice to be able to ‘do coffee’, this was my inkspill coffeefirst time & it won’t be the last!) the post came… and the missing paperwork was in my hand.


I called to check if they had need for me and offered tomorrow and next week. This afternoon I took my first booking.



I have also arranged some new moves with the apartment that I still have for SALE – it has been 2 months now since the property went live.



My ‘money will flow’ mantra has certainly paid off (pun intended) and I will keep repeating it to myself. DSC04062

I am definitely going to be alright this Autumn.




On the writing front, I’ve invested time preparing the INKSPILL writing retreat programme and now need to switch to working on a short story and poetry. Deadlines are close and of course now I will be out working and having property meetings tomorrow, I am attending a seminar most of the day on Saturday and have some Sunday plans, although they could work around writing.

I do hope to participate in online/ blog writing challenges again soon and make it to have a read about Blogland, but after a month of prepping it is all taking off right now and my time is limited.

REMEMBER:  If you want it – go get it! 2012 brighton 532 I did…

*This is not earnings. It is actually a photo of money paid to a workman before we moved. I think it was the 1st time I had handled such a large sum and I knew taking a photo of it would be a motivator!



All Images © N. Lewis 2013

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    • That’s great especially if I have inspired you. My leap of faith was a scary %&# thing to do… But I knew it was right (after 5 yrs of being told) and it has worked out already. Good luck in your ventures…. All I can say is


  1. I’m so glad I decided to catch up on my blog reading. Your line, If you want it- go get it! is going to be my new mantra. And yes, “doing coffee” with a friend is fun. It’s good to indulge from time to time.

    • So let’s celebrate 3 mantras…
      If you want it – go get it (me)
      Money will flow (many philosophers and new believers)
      Doing coffee with a friend…. A weekly must do (me)….

      Life has rocketed in this last week….

      So believe and do …. It works, truly x

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