Clear Space to Write


Clear space to write, get all those niggling jobs done before you sit down to create.

My new method of time management is working well – except it is past lunchtime and I haven’t had breakfast! (Didn’t schedule that in to the video list.) A productive morning of sorting out a whole heap of life/ paperwork things that have been on the back burner since the summer.

I am only part way through, but for a 1st day trial it does seem to work quite well. I always said I needed a manager. Bit crazy that it is a video version of me. But still, nothing wrong with crazy.

inkspill timer

I am also dedicating part of the day to the writing schedule, preparations for Inkspill (writing retreat), writing poetry for submission, some editing and a few character writes to support my final attempt at writing the short story before next weekend’s deadline.

Getting all the chores and things that stay inside your head and nag at you when you hope to be creative is a great way of clearing the mind ready for writing.

I have also received confirmation that the final checks are being made on my paperwork, so before the end of this week I hope to be able to start earning again. Yes please, especially as I spent my savings on furniture this weekend… and I have secured 2 jobs in 3 days – whoop, whoop for striving, leaping and trusting.

‘Money will flow’

‘Writing will flow’


Happy Writing

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  1. I’m setting aside a lot of time for sorting out routines and the such-like, as I’ve realised how much the little niggly things get in the way of writing flow. Do keep us updated on whether this time management method is working out for you 🙂

    • Thanks Zee, day 2 of the new time management and it is going well. Learning the lessons from yesterday I scheduled in breakfast today and started with that. Although I have to admit this morning I was completing task after task without checking with the video list, this means that I was at least naturally productive and it saved me some time. I listened again at lunch time to make sure I hadn’t left anything major out. I have one more task to do that needed to be done today (time deadline) and then I have an hour free to write before some more errands have to be run. By dinnertime I shall be free of the TO DO list for the day and I will spend the evening writing.

      I know I have far too much on my daily to do lists at the moment and the writing schedule takes the back burner, when it should really come first. Or at least higher up the list than towards the end!

      I have properties to sort out – financially – selling etc. and also internally – sorting out a lot, I have just had to sort car out for recall and new tax, we are planning decorating the new pad, I am trying to secure work, jobs and applications and on top of that write and play and sleep and love! Tough old life list huh.

      I will feel so free when the paperwork for working has all been administrated and my flat has sold – then it will just be – work- write – house…. which is manageable!

      Anyway – long tale short – it is better than endless lists and I am getting more done with the bite-size approach.

      • That does sound like a huge to-do, but it sounds like it’s just that phase in your life right now. We’ll done for juggling it all – and remembering to eat! Very important, as are sleep and play and love 🙂

        Also, I guess the busy times help us appreciate the quiet phases.

      • Yes this is true – I can’t wait to have the house reach a point where days are just for writing and work (not that writing isn’t work!) It is a fantastic new adventure that I have been ready for and so I can grab all the madness, the over brimming schedule and push on through.
        Knowing it is a transition/ phase helps. Knowing it will get easier is great. The new time management has worked well because now on day 3 I only have a very small list of things to do before I can get on with the writing schedule.
        This should mean that by the end of the week I will have managed to juggle everything, until the next week arrives of course! 😉

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