Daily Archives: September 23, 2013

Clear Space to Write


Clear space to write, get all those niggling jobs done before you sit down to create.

My new method of time management is working well – except it is past lunchtime and I haven’t had breakfast! (Didn’t schedule that in to the video list.) A productive morning of sorting out a whole heap of life/ paperwork things that have been on the back burner since the summer.

I am only part way through, but for a 1st day trial it does seem to work quite well. I always said I needed a manager. Bit crazy that it is a video version of me. But still, nothing wrong with crazy.

inkspill timer

I am also dedicating part of the day to the writing schedule, preparations for Inkspill (writing retreat), writing poetry for submission, some editing and a few character writes to support my final attempt at writing the short story before next weekend’s deadline.

Getting all the chores and things that stay inside your head and nag at you when you hope to be creative is a great way of clearing the mind ready for writing.

I have also received confirmation that the final checks are being made on my paperwork, so before the end of this week I hope to be able to start earning again. Yes please, especially as I spent my savings on furniture this weekend… and I have secured 2 jobs in 3 days – whoop, whoop for striving, leaping and trusting.

‘Money will flow’

‘Writing will flow’


Happy Writing