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AWF oct

FREE Online Writing Retreat

25th – 27th October

A whole weekend of writing.

FULL programme coming this weekend!


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  2. Thanks for the pingback. It is the first virtual retreat we have run from the site. The schedule was initially based on what interested parties suggested as areas of focus. The rest will be writing activities, retreat time to focus and feedback on your own projects and possibly some open discussions. So far half the programme has been finalised and should be posted soon. It is not too late for people to suggest a focus they would like to know more about.

  3. Been skimming your great posts full of great news (except for your computer problems, of course!). I’m glad you love your new life — I like it when change is positive!

    • Thanks… It is a cliche to say it… But 2013 has been a real journey year for me. I made the mistake of waiting for the positivity, instead of creating it. And (apart from the dying laptop, which only needs a new USB mouse, already ordered) it has been great.

      I believed money will flow and out does. I am getting enough work booked to survive and can take advantage of wonderful day time writing events.

      I am back in control & I intend to keep steering straight to the next step!

      Glad you have enjoyed a splash about the fountain 🙂

      • If it’s not too personal (or was in blog posts) where do you get the writing assignments? Is it connections on the web, the community you write for, etc.
        I’d love to be able to earn money from the cyberverse, though I would need help with the code to set it up!

      • There is very little money in writing for us little pens. It takes time to be lucky or build a reputation. This is my first year of many writing again. I have kept records of expenditure and the financial cost so far is scary. More than a month salary spent.

        There are not many freelance writers who do it without supplementing with paid work.

        As far as assignments you can find them on the web. I tend to use Google and search from time to time. Many of the writing websites for freelance work (paid) charge a small joining fee. I buy Writing Magazine which is packed with helpful tips and has some submission details each month.

        I wish you luck.
        Happy writing.

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