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A New Method of Time Management


This isn’t a new technique, but it is new to me. I read about it this weekend and have such a long to do list tomorrow I am going to try it out.

Instead of writing a to do list, record your list with gaps. Then play it back one task at a time and complete each in turn.

Sounds simple. Let’s hope it works.

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A New Writing Opportunity


fs fireworksNine months in this writing skin and we are getting there… ‘cooking on gas’ now. I have learnt the art of self-promotion, or at least I am learning. It is bringing back memories of my time as a Performance Poet and my previous attempt at being a freelance writer. I am more secure in my words than I was before but funnily enough often feel less confident than the dynamic young 20 year old me ever did.

September has seen that ‘gas’ go up a notch and I am convinced that it all relates to the thoughts I had back in August. When after seven months of dabbling cross genre I decided it was time to buckle down with a serious focus. As poetry has always been ‘my bag’ and is the genre that holds the longest list of publishing credentials from back in the day when I used to be a writer, this is where I decided to plant my feet and start,

Since then I have found opportunity after opportunity. Site after site. Event after event and met some truly lovely people – all poet’s are – apart from the cantankerous, drunk ones! 😉 When I took my four hour round trip to Oswestry for the Writers’ Network Meeting, I sat there listening to Ian Billings and Simon Thirsk and felt inspired. I scribbled notes in my trusty writing notebook and had a billion conversations with myself in my head.

I nearly advertised INKSPILL and I wish I had been brave enough as people mentioned open mic nights and Stanza meetings, I was on the cusp of putting my hand up and then bottled it. I did mention it to everyone I mingled with afterwards.

One thing I did do was pluck up enough courage (I had plenty in reserve from not advertising Inkspill to everyone in the room!) to talk about my future plans and how I might be able to offer my experience of writing to others. (All a bit cryptic I know, but I don’t want to announce it until it is a signed deal and all official.) I have just received an email of acceptance and about to start the induction process on this new writing opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited!

Ask and you will receive.

Be brave.

Go for it.

You never know where it will lead!




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AWF oct

FREE Online Writing Retreat

25th – 27th October

A whole weekend of writing.

FULL programme coming this weekend!


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