Hotdogs, Furniture and Poetry


A trip to a famous Swedish Furniture store, a mini adventure (Mr G can make anything fun!) – it began with hotdogs and then walking around the store in the opposite direction to the arrows. And the first thing I saw (we had gone there for furniture after careful online research for weeks) were some lovely notebooks, I need a new A4 one for 2014 and they had A5 too. Loved the fact they were the first things into the bag.


We managed to buy all the pieces we wanted – even got the last two shelves in the collection area. The local paper came complete with a £10 off voucher, which has helped pay for delivery, I doubt we could have fitted it all into my tiny car.

We now have some scrummy scented candles and jars of various sizes, air tight and ready for pickling our allotment produce next year. I bought more storage boxes for a unit I  bought new for my apartment years ago, some funky ice-cube trays, a delicately lace designed plant pot for my cactus (which is growing like a beauty in our garden but will appreciate the warmth of the house come the winter (which feels like it has already arrived) and a cushion for my garden chair.


We treated ourselves to take-away, which was lucky because I had no time to cook or wait for Mr G to cook tea. I was due out to my first Stanza meeting – Poetry Society Poets. It was a great night and I received useful feedback and was able to help with a few ideas too.


So once again – I am on a bit of a high after spending the evening with poets.

Park's cafetumblr_mgz95bOb171qjx6n0o1_500pencil paper freestockimagesCAPLNAID


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