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Blogtember Catch Up – Memories

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.
I would love to relive the memory of my first trip to San Francisco. I found this city captured my heart straight away. A place I could easily live in and certainly enjoyed visiting.
Exploring the city made me feel alive. I felt comfortable. I felt like I could set the world on fire – and I would love to relive this initial dance with the city.
I have been lucky enough to revisit the city several times since and each visit has been filled with spectacular experiences, but nothing can compare to those feelings I experienced the first time.
San Francisco – the playground of my heart.


Blogtember Catching Up – Love Letter

Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic.)
I found this challenge immensely difficult – to make something so private, so public.
Even though you couldn’t tell me, you guided me and for that I will always be grateful. You the first person I met with a handle on what was happening. Having experienced it yourself when your dad was dying.
This tiny morsel of hope, served with understanding.
You weren’t the only one. But apart from people close to me, you were the first. It is because of you and your vibrancy that I never called in. It is because of you that I tried an alternative – Hypnotherapy (I would highly recommend).
When I needed someone onside, you were there. Door always open – just like your mind.
Kindred spirits. You knew more about me in a few weeks than people I had known for years had found out, you peeled back the layers straight away and saw the light shining through the cracks.
Thank you

Interviews, Poems and Lunch


This morning’s interview seemed to go well (fingers crossed), love it when perfect fit opportunities come my way… maybe it is the start of things going right, that would be a deserved reward!

It is true what they say- positive thoughts and positive thinking bring other things into your world to be positive about. Having said that I noticed as I got out of the car someone has scraped my bumper and left a nifty gash, a lorry driver came to the door the other day and asked me to move my car over – looks like he may have a crashing attempt first – although I would have expected a bigger impact from a HGV. Maybe it was just a neighbour or parent on a school run. Run they have. That’s the front and back now that have been attacked and left! GRRRRR ….


Today I am having the rare treat of lunch with Mr G – we were supposed to be planting tulips but the rain may dampen our plans (see what I did there?).

I am also scheduled to write and submit poetry which according to my self imposed action plan should already have been submitted! I have joined the local Stanza group and prepared a poem this morning to take to my 1st meeting tomorrow. Butterflies. But I know it will great and I will come home packed with the same adrenalin as last weekend and it is a good test to see whether members of the Poetry Society agree with me about the quality of my writing.

So an evening of words lies ahead of me. There was a meeting for a local Literature Festival I hoped to attend in the city later, it doesn’t seem that it will be on the cards. This morning has already zapped me of strength and energy!

And there was a POETRY FLASHMOB which I really liked the sound of today. It happened 10 minutes ago in Central England, would have loved to be a part of it am hoping there is some sort of footage available online. This was to mark the opening of a Poetry Festival. Poor things will be wet now after that stunt. Hope they had a good turn out.

Royalty free photograph of meeting in progress sign hanging on door showing meeting in progress

I slide my sore feet out of their imprisoned status,

smart shoes.

Tight and unforgiving.



Slip, slip

out of interview clothes.

The restrictive lines,

The brightly coloured image

of an arty creative

covered up by formal black.

Compulsory uniform.



Painted smile released

as I drag denim over my legs,

the comfort of a big, winter jumper

drops over my head.



I look into the mirror