Morning Rollercoaster!



All before 11 a.m today;

  • A good appointment with permission to reduce medication! (Whooppeee!)
  • An offer of part time work,
  • An interview,
  • Confirmation of P/T prospect (dependent on further interviews tomorrow)
  • and a REJECTION! Oh no! The 3 latest poems submitted.


Well obviously getting the last one was a bit of a blow – but I feel really positive at the moment. Here is my latest social media update;


Everything happens for a reason.
The interview last week didn’t work out, but the one I had this morning did, I may already have a booking, one that suits me better than the first.

So, when I got home, checked emails and found a rejection letter for publication, I am believing that just like the interview there will be a greater opportunity, one that fits me better.

Have a good day people – and if it isn’t… make it so xxx

12 Likes already – and most of my friends are at work!

So there you have it – my message for the day before I toddle off to write some better poems!


Be positive.

Happy Writing!

motivate disney

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