SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6I woke up this morning and thought how strange it was that my birthday was a whole month ago – it feels like I am living a completely different life than that of the summer!


Time is fleeting quickly though and I have so much more I want to achieve this year.

Winter has definitely arrived in the past week, we have gone from flip flops and sun-tops straight to woolly cardigans, coats and boots, it won’t be long until I start wearing my brilliant hat and scarf combo, bought in Poland in February. I would prefer to have an autumn though and acclimatise gradually!

A week ago I got my first call for (possible) work, I had to go for a mini interview and take a class, the contract would mean missing a poetry workshop I have booked onto for part of the Literature Festival, after a quick conversation with Mr G I agree to the challenge, the work will pay the mortgages for October.

I spent half a day preparing resources and plans for Friday. I also managed to get my hands on the latest copy of my writing magazine, fortunately I phoned the newsagents and reserved one – it was there last copy.

I had the interview – and wasn’t picked for the job, this was fortuitous, firstly I can attend my workshop and secondly they have met me and seen me in action now, hopefully more work will come my way. And if it does I will know my route! And after the summer off it got me over that hurdle of ‘can I do this anymore?’ YES! I can and WILL!

Then it was theweekend-vector-102765– every weekend between now and mid October is booked up with events! This weekend saw my old hometown celebrate the Annual SaltFest – a festival of local community and business. Which included a book launch of a poet I only discovered this week – how’s that for timing?!

Mr G and I usually like to potter around the craft and food stalls and soak up the atmosphere of the day (now a whole weekend event) – however, Saturday morning I received an Arts Programme in the post and as I read through the brochure a Writers’ Network Meeting jumped out at me as they had Simon Thirsk (Bloodaxe Books) speaking. It was in Oswestry (Shropshire), close to the Welsh boarder. I have driven through it plenty of times and didn’t think it was too far away!

Well it was … a 2 hour drive, a fantastic afternoon – which you can read all about here and then after the 2 hour drive home I went to an Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.09.42amazing book launch of Sarah James’ second collection. It was a great night. Beyond book launch

By the end of Saturday I had met more writers than I can count on both hands and stumbled/ pushed through two new opportunities, one of which may lead (eventually) to paid employment!

It was such a buzz, surrounding myself with creative individuals.

On Sunday there was another writing event, I decided to give it a miss as I have made my decision to focus on poetry and the other event was more focussed on reading and novel writing.

Besides we had to do all the things I hadn’t done on Saturday as I chose to spend the whole day at events.

We picked sweetcorn, beans, cucumbers and beetroot from the allotment. And last night Mr G and I cooked our first ever allotment grown Winter Squash, a stuffed squash recipe that was gorgeous and we had sweetcorn on the side, I think my tummy has only just gone down!

This week I have more applications and interviews, lots to do on the house, we have finally managed to order a freezer we have been after for a month and so need to get space organised (and painted!)

I have also got some submissions to make, poetry to write and a short story to attempt to write. In addition to this I am still organising INKSPILL (online writing retreat 25- 27th Oct) and hoping for some paid work.

‘Money will flow…’

The estate agents have shown a fair few people around, however the apartment is still waiting for an offer to be made by anybody! That sale will fund my mortgage and help me panic less about money issues!

A fabulous week in which I have felt TRULY alive!

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    • It was a fantastic night and has opened some new poetry doors for me too – which I will be blogging about this week – in addition all the people I met were lovely. I think creatives only gain this real sense of belonging when they are surrounded by art – whether that comes from people or places – at these times I get a real feeling of my soul breathing out! 🙂

  1. Thanks for an inspirational blog- as I think I commented on one of your last posts, I’m attempting to start up my own law practice while launching myself as an author as a well. After a couple of weeks of intense court experiences (I have a lot to learn!), I had momentarily lost sight of the fun/excitement stage of trying something new and going out on my own- thanks for the reminder!

    • Jane, I’m glad that you and others find my blog inspiring. This was my year for evoking all that I should be, could be, want to be, it has taken a long time getting here, but now I am – I have no plans to stop.
      Glad this post reminded you of the fun. That is one reason I switched sides as it were. I remember you saying you were setting up your own firm, that’s brave and fantastic. Our current paths are similar, I guess the writing one is the stronger passion and the realist knows there are bills to pay?

      Will keep my fingers crossed for you, when I’m not typing obviously 😉

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