Monday – As Good a Start as Any


type I made sure I was up and awake early today to get on with a focussed Writing schedule. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, I ate breakfast outside with my latest writing magazine. Then I came back in to warm up my feet (last time I will wear flip flops this year!) and to get down to work.

I decided the best plan of action was admin and emails first. I am hoping to raise new work opportunities in both writing and teaching this week and have an application and paperwork to file by Wednesday, I have an early morning interview at the Hilton. My first appointment on Wednesday is at 7:30 A.M! There is every chance I will be crawling back under bed covers by lunch time!

I have now managed that part of the schedule, Ian Billings wasn’t joking on Saturday when he said he spends more time on Admin and Marketing than on writing. Mine has taken the best part of 2 hours and I am currently only working towards submissions. (There is no Marketing time needed, apart from a little for INKSPILL.)

I am having lunch and need another polar cup of coffee. Then this afternoon I am working on my next poetry submissions.

I do wish we could employ the services of both interns and taskmasters for free. I need someone to delegate the slush too (not the best job advert!) and someone to keep me on board with the rest of the workload.

Maybe I should advertise such services to other writers!



How about you? How do you manage to clear your desk? Motivate yourself and still have time to drink Coffee?



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      • Ha ha…. I need to fill the bin with paper recycling to hide the bottles… not a bad idea 🙂 On a serious note, I never throw writing away and nor should you 😉

      • I don’t. I save all of mine. I have a book with my poetry in, and a folder with information on stories. Then I save it to my computer and a memory stick

      • That sounds like you keep enough. I am glad it is all on memory sticks and hard drives nowadays, the files and files of paper and notebooks were beginning to take over!

      • I made the mistake once of keeping things on a hard drive, and then the hard drive failed. I lost everything. So now, I keep it on a hard drive and a flash drive with photos on DVDs

      • This has happened to me – I used to have a website – awritersfountain (hence blog name) and a lot of my work was only live on there. When the site closed I lost a lot – apparently somewhere on my now VERY old (pre- USB port) PC I have a copy of the site – but as I don’t understand computer code I am not sure it will be a lot of help to me.
        I need to buy an external hard drive really but like you just use the hard drive & memory stick.

      • I have two external hard drives. One died and I lost a lot of stuff, hence backing it up onto other mediums as well,.

        You can buy a gadget that allows you to plug your hard drive from your old computer into your new one via USB and cables. I brought one a couple of years ago, and I managed to get some data off of a broken hard drive.

        I have a 1 Terrabyte hard drive and frequently fill it up lol

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