Plans & Pen Time


Isn’t it funny how life throws everything in your direction at once. Work is picking up, during an insomniac moment last night I found email from another agency in my junk mail, without thinking I replied straight away. Today I am trying to fix a time to go and see them. It could be today.

I need to prepare for tomorrows induction/interview and WRITE!

Which I’m hoping I can now everything else in the work part of life is free flowing (that doesn’t include money yet, but it will come.)

I cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday so that’s done, my palace gleams. (If only I had an entourage and footmen!) Organisation is so hard!

There are several submissions I am working towards that need my time. I have tonight and tomorrow morning (if I’m not too nervous) to get writing before the weekend… And I will!

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    • Thanks I had one on the phone today as well that one I can complete online and meet with them next week. I am sure work and money will follow. I have given myself this month as extra summer, on one hand I have to be in it to organise the work and steer the plan, on the other hand I am living off my own hard earned savings and can forgive myself a little down time!
      Today was a busy day, tomorrow is the same, book launch on Saturday… am wishing I hadn’t burnt myself out cleaning the whole house yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • You’ll have to get your priorities right. Writing first, housework a poor second. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the work. I hope it pays well for you.

      • I hear you Suzanne, I guess because we still haven’t unpacked/moved in properly I at least wanted to give the place a good clean whilst I was still at home to do so.
        But you’re right… write 1st!

  1. Good luck! i have to believe it is true, the money will come. I recently listened to an address Neil Gaiman gave a few years back and he said nothing he ever did solely for money panned out. Keep doing what you love and it will work out!

    • Thanks – I believe I have done the right thing, I did some financial planning to make sure I could risk it. Just need my flat to sell as part of that plan relied on monies that are tied up until it does. I know that there are things more important to my existence than money right now (health being a big one!) I just pray we have enough to carry us through, looks like I have earning potential for October and I get the feeling that it will fly as I am doing the right thing (for once)!

  2. Good luck! Balancing it all can be tough but fun- I just recently gave up the 9 to 5 job and am now starting my own law practice while launching our author page, blog, website, etc. It’s time consuming, financially a little terrifying, but I think in the end, it’ll be rewarding…AND make me happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like things are heading that way for you as well.

    • Thanks Jane – yes sounds like a similar point in our developing future – I recently gave up full time work (13 years at the wheel!) I now hope to supplement enough earnings to pay for the basics by working through agencies and using the time I am not allocated to a job and the spare time I gain evenings and weekends by not having a 70-80 working week to proceed with the writing ambitions.
      I envisage the need for a lot of work for the next few years and hopefully after that I can tip the balance and spend more time in the world of writing…
      I would be less terrified if my flat sold – so I am currently trying to push the universe to find me a buyer! That is a lot of empty wages that have to be sunk into an empty place!

      Good luck to you. Leaps of faith. Life.

    • Thanks Kim – I was kidding myself not getting anxious as it is a temp contract and not quite the same as applying for a full time post – but now I am reading Ofsted reports and searching the school website with clammy hands…. and I am still in 2 minds because of the poetry workshop that it will mean I miss… I can’t give up the opportunity for 9 days work though!

      What will be will be… if I don’t get it – at least they will have seen me work and I may get called for something else in the future and by October I will be seeking work from 2 agencies and hopefully something else will fill the gap. I am remaining philosophical and attempting to remain calm!

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