I love surfing the net on search mode. The town I just moved away from have held an annual weekend of events ever since I lived there. This year they have expanded there evening programme to feature not just music, but poetry. I wish I had known about it sooner as I may have been able to get involved. Still there is always next year. The details have already been secured in my 2013/4 notebook.

I am very excited because I will be attending a book launch and poetry reading this Saturday evening. More on this event soon.

Before that I have a ton of ‘real life’ to deal with including more applications and an interview!

I have also started to promote INKSPILL and am currently trying to get local press involved – I am amazed by how many writing events occur in the home county without promotion and I for one usually find out about them after the time has passed. I know quite a few local writers and I am sure they will be interested in some of the INKSPILL programme. I will also be emailing a network invitation.

I would gratefully appreciate any sharing of the information (link them to the INKSPILL page) if you are willing to promote October’s retreat through your blog. Feel free to save and use the jpeg from this page. You will of course get a thank you mention in the programme.

Fingers crossed for my mini PR machine, this (like my old town’s annual weekend festival) could be the first of many retreats.

AWF oct

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