The Return of the Polar Cup


Armed with my polar coffee cup (yes, it has made a re-appearance minus the lid, which I need to find as it’s not really ‘polar’ without it!) I sit down and look at my writing action plan, promising myself not to beat myself up.

I am behind. Maybe 4 or 5 days behind. It looks bad. It seems like I will never catch up, so I copy and paste the week into a new document and delete everything I have done. This leaves me with just 5 things, that’s not so bad, no reason why I can’t research them all in one morning. I spent the whole day researching yesterday. I can do it!

inkspill keyboard

I realise that pretty soon I am going to have to commit hours of my life to work and won’t have the freedom or time to write this way. (Like a proper writer who makes a living by writing. I am at least going through the motions, there is no income at present.)

I decide to commit this day to catching up and working (writing), peppered with a few household chores.


I know it is a mistake to start on the internet – I may not have the discipline to complete my research without a quick blog visit and that will eat into my creative time. I will stand firm and like proper writers, schedule my blogging time for later in the day, after I have produced some work.

I have struggled to find decent freelance opportunities so far this year. Everything I find seems to have a catch of some sort. Last night I thought I had found it – but it turned out to be a heavily disguised survey site and the £2.24 (advertised at £25 assignments) I have banked is probably nothing compared to the money now changing hands for my address and contact details!

Do we have anything like Craigslist for the UK market? I have found reputable websites but they all charge to join, which is great if you make some money, but my Excel finance sheets (that keep me up to date with my writing outgoings) show there have been no incoming monies. I am out of pocket, quite a big, deep pocket.

I will not lose faith, in the bigger scheme of things I haven’t actually accomplished the big writing yet. I haven’t reworked or resubmitted any rejected writing (and there’s a whole bank) and I still haven’t focused on compiling the manuscript I have my heart set on first.

I have dipped my toes and heart back into the waters surrounding this wonderful island called DREAM and I will keep on believing. I am not yet a year in and we are working on the principle of three Olympics. It will be fine. thai1

Trying to keep my mind in the present to accomplish what is left of my catch up action plan is proving to be a little more difficult. I write a list and then start working towards ticking off as much as I can before lunch time!

(Now I understand why some writers (who can afford it) rent office space!) Funnily enough I walked past the perfect rental a few weeks ago at the bottom of town. Cute place, green door, big window, old brickwork, it looks like a cottage. Lovely.

And an hour after I started I have made it out of the folders, ebooks and writing programmes and am now ACTUALLY writing. My current short story project is meant to be in Draft 1 form today (according to my action plan) 6000 words done. As yet I have just mapped out and researched, I realise I don’t know enough about the subject matter. So have changed my idea entirely.

Still I have written a dialogue between 2 main characters and written random sections for an hour now.

So after 2 hours writing it is time for a break… timer in Blogland, I am going to see if I can inspire my creative juices by taking part in some of the writing challenges and daily post activities. Always good foundation work for any struggling writer.


I justify the first hour online by signing up for some Telesummit on creative careers and finding lots of writing resources and interview links on the OU (Open University) website. (I haven’t yet done a writing challenge!)

I know how to write a short story, but in an effort to form my ideas, I look to the experts. I am going offline to read some short stories now and won’t be back online until I have formulated my story plan and done some chores!

I may just do a writing challenge before I log off…

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