Daily Archives: September 7, 2013

Inkspill Writing Retreat – Have your Say.


LAST CHANCE this week to get your ideas and needs met by the INKSPILL writing retreat.

I am currently putting the finishing touches to the full programme for next month’s writing retreat. Inkspill (Oct 25-27th)

awf suitcase

The best writing experiences are those that cater for what people need.

So what is it you need?

Let me know. Leave a comment here. And feel free to share the news of this event around.


Daily Prompt: Luxurious


One luxury… I cannot live without, coffee… A brand rich in aroma or even better a coffee bean… You can’t beat real coffee.

The main luxury I couldn’t live without is my car. I was old when I learnt to drive as my nomadic existence meant using public transport and renting were easier than having any ownership.
Coffee and cars.