Purposeful Research & a Plot


The day has come… I went for a very special appointment this morning and it has opened me up. I drove home with my head swimming with ideas and knew as soon as I got home I’d need to switch the laptop on. laptop

I wrote 600 words – notes and structure of my short story idea. It is meaty and I think topical or at least of interest.

I am currently online completing some research to help character development. See… Believe and it will happen. It has only taken just over a week and now the plot lines, events and conflicts have embedded themselves within me.


A few weeks ago I had a ponder over the blog. I love blogging and I have enjoyed every minute of creating this space in Blogland, I have absolutely no intention in stopping it or deleting it, I enjoy helping fellow writers and love what can come from participating in the writing challenges. Not to mention how blessed I have been to meet so many wonderful people.

However, I MUST not forget the theme of my blog, which was exploring and tracking my re-launch into the wonderful world of writing. Much as I love checking in and posting content I have sometimes wondered how much further I would be with my action plan if I was ACTUALLY writing – rather than writing (blogging) about writing. motivate action

After reading advice from professionals about their time management and writing agenda I have decided to focus on the writing action plan and organising INKSPILL retreat (Oct 25th) this month rather than the blog (especially because I want INKSPILL to be a great success!) And this will be the only month I have to WRITE without having to juggle work and writing!

I am going to allocate a morning slot to AWF to reply to followers comments and post/ read around. And an evening slot to do the same.

I will still post new content every week day throughBlogtember posts.

This week I have started participating in the challenges so I will complete those tonight and Sunday. After that, I will only be able to enter a response if I have time.

I need my main focus to be on the short story and the characters I have created, in addition to organising the retreat and writing/ submitting sample poetry this month too.

There are plenty of hardly ever read posts here to keep you happy – just use the navigation threads and go find them. Everything is worth a read. Feel free to comment even if I posted it last Spring.


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