FWF – Free Write Friday – Autumn


free-write-friday-kellie-elmore  foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa


The leaves fall in heaps on the floor,

Sweet aroma of dew mixing with Autumn’s promise.


Deep pinks, reds, ambers and  browns.

The deep rich orange,

Amber jewellery displayed on trays, stall after stall

in the marketplace in Poland.

Brown leaves, the colour of burnt cocoa.


Children collect twigs to make wicker wands,

Chase each other around

kicking up the leaves.


No time to mourn the Summer,

Autumn has started her dance.

Dressed in a different shade,

Accessorised foliage


just as we

change from our summer clothes to




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  5. I loved the description and the vivid use of colors. Also, the lines ‘No time to mourn the Summer,
    Autumn has started her dance’ just beautiful. We do often stay stuck in what we have or are losing rather than looking ahead. Great writing!

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  7. Your mention of jewelry reminded me of a vacation my husband and I took to Cherokee NC one fall. It was beautiful traveling across the mountains and I remember the turquoise jewelry in the shops. Thank you for that. Hadn’t thought of it in a while. ❤

    • You’re welcome – I love the Cherokee Jewellery but only have 2 authentic pieces.
      Glad it sparked a memory. Well, Poland is the same – substitute turquoise for amber rock.

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