Daily Prompts September 6th Regrets


Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been different if you’d made another decision?


I have worked hard over the years learning that regretting is a waste of energy – once the time has passed, the opportunity has gone. If you chose to walk away not towards, then live with that decision in freedom.

This means that I have only vague shadowy regrets buried somewhere deep inside.

I think the one that I regret the most is not travelling. When I graduated university, I had a partner and chose to live with him and get a job to pay the rent instead of using the money I had to buy a round the world ticket.

I knew if I went it would change me, and him and our relationship and at 21, I thought I was too young to cope with this cause and effect.

I managed a compromise – a short trip around Europe and have since managed to travel to many other places on my wish list. Of course I have known many people who bought their tickets and changed their lives and none of them regret their decision to travel.

Ironically the relationship only lasted a few years after graduation but it was my first long term (7 years) relationship, and I don’t regret that any more than the decision not to travel.

A regret is a waste of a decision. There are always reasons and lessons to learn whichever path you choose.

I am certainly VERY HAPPY with my life now – and maybe this is not the life I would lead if I had made the decision to buy my round the world ticket.



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  3. Well done on tackling this one. This challenge is throwing up some deep stuff isn’t it. I like the way you have handled today’s probings and the conclusion you have come to. I’m not sure I’ll take up the challenge here. Like you say – life is more about moving on from regrets than sitting around counting them and reliving lost chances.

    • Thanks Suzanne, yes as you realised this is my daily post entry which can also throw things up from time to time. As far as blogtember we have a break over the weekend. I would like you up to Friday’s blogtember but am accessing on phone and can’t use that function. It was a good one though.
      Life is about accepting experiences and learning from them if they didn’t quite feel right.

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