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Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Clearing out Dad’s room at Sunnyvale Nursing Home, I found the old suitcase.

‘Mum used to bag these for doorstop collection and he’d go search the Charity Shops to buy them back.’ I said my voice cracking.

Mark embraced me carefully, resting his head against my shoulder.

‘We can keep them.’ he said.

I squeezed his hand gratefully.

Back home Mark dragged mum’s old bookcase in from the garage and carefully displayed every last item.

‘Thought it would be nice to have them together again.’ he smiled.

‘ I bet mum’s wishing for a charity bag right now!’ I giggled.

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    • Thanks Charles. I held onto a dusty bouquet of fake purple flowers that my Grandpa gave me when I was 8, 3 years before he died. It was only in recent years when my mum helped me move house that she came across it in its faded wicker basket and asked what it was and why on earth I still had it.
      I couldn’t believe she didn’t remember me even having it as a kid. It was on my bedroom windowsill for a decade!
      She explained to a 30 something me that we didn’t need to keep hold of the actual object if we no longer loved it or wanted it. That the memory of that person was attached to our heart and not the object itself.
      I threw it away. I doubt Grandpa would have minded and I know if he were still alive it wouldn’t have been kept for all those years.

      I suppose a little of this experience is mixed into the story somewhere.

    • Thanks Rochelle, there were so many objects I could have written about – can’t wait to start reading this week’s flashes!
      An interesting prompt for us this week, thanks.

  1. Dear Neens
    Seems we were on the same wavelength this week. This is a lovey story, well written and one I think that becomes true for so many old people. Well done

    • Thanks Dee. As I have said the initial concept was slightly different, but I’m happy with the end result.
      I have known relatives who moved to nursing homes and it always amazed me how they managed from a whole house to one room. Often by this stage I suppose it isn’t them who makes the decision on what to take.

  2. Tad behind on my return visits… Thank you for yours.

    You remind me I have too much stuff. That which was important …seems less so. That which was important to someone else – I have much of that too. This reminds me most of the boxes of photographs that will never be identified, but we hate to toss any because they were important to our loved ones and could very well be our loved ones …if we only knew.

    Very nice. I tend to get second hand clothes, but the catch is I donate to the place that I don’t buy from 🙂 And while I try (as it doesn’t always work) for every one new (used) thing in two things have to go…

    • Wow that’s disciplined – a rule my mum has tried to instil into me – 1 new thing = 2 old things. I donate a lot to charity, some I am embarrassed to say has the store tags still on, never worn. Moving house has forced me to realise how much ‘treasure’ I actually have – the good thing is I can see now how it is expensive rubbish and I just paid hundreds of pounds to removals to keep it all. I don’t need it, I have reached the point I don’t even want it – but that’s one of the trials of being a writer and a teacher -many files and lots of paperwork!

      I am taking small steps. I have already given treasure out and then regretted it.
      The photo from this prompt was Rochelle’s and I think this is her collection. I like the way it is arranged. If I could do that with my treasure it would make sense, most of it is stuffed into boxes or backs of cupboards!

      Thanks for the read.

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