Blogtember September 3rd Day 1 – Who am I?


Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I am a middle child and the only daughter. (Which also makes me the only niece and only granddaughter on one side.) I have an older brother and a younger one. We grew up in a small town in the middle of England. Surrounded by countryside, memories of walking up hills that seemed like mountains to my young legs. I think the factors that made me (apart from the obvious) are events, lots happened in my childhood. When I think about it some of the events were down to me. I created them and the result – cause and effect.

The first one I don’t even remember but it is a demonstration of my strength, stubbornness and darker side – I held my breath as a child, because I couldn’t get my own way. My mum called for an ambulance as I had passed out. I was fine, but she was told she had a highly wilful child (I wasn’t even a toddler) and the WORST thing she could do was give into me. In hindsight my childhood may have been easier if I hadn’t revealed my hand so soon! 😉

We learn a lot from our parents, I guess my mother helped mould the woman I am today. She is strong.

I am one of those people who aims and fires but doesn’t always get the target so I have to work for it and if I really want it, I will get it in the end. Once you have the success you tend to forget about the hardship you confronted along the way.

I am headstrong and have plenty of good role models in my life!

I have also learnt the importance of surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you and to turn to friends and family in times of need.

BlogtemberJust found out about this Blog Challenge whilst posting an advert for INKSPILL. The Blogtember icon will explain the challenge and this bright pink INKSPILL

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will tell you all about the writing event I am marketing, which I hope will be an annual event.

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  1. I am a middle child and was brought up in the south of England. I am now living about 15 miles from where I was born. in 2006-2009 I was living less than a miles from where I was born. I popped out in the middle of the year, and the hospital was pulled down at the end of that same year.

    I never did anything like hold my breath until I passed out. Definitely a skill you got there though 🙂

    • I was just replying to this when I lost the message – it is past my bedtime!
      I was brought up in my hometown, moved a fortnight after my 18th, came back as a brief stop over in 2002. I have spent the past 8 years living back in the county between 7 – 20 miles away from home.
      Now I seemed to have moved back to my hometown, there are worse places! I live a few miles away from my old family home!

      Great way to share more about ourselves.

      • Way past my bedtime too lol. I moved up to the middle of England in 2010 but only stayed there for nine months before moving to where I am now.

        Kept the kids entertained though lol.

        Good night 🙂

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