The Power of Advertising… and the Price!


I have been happily researching this morning, at first in a sunny garden and later when the dark clouds appeared, indoors. Switching from offline to online has not made me any less productive (as I am avoiding the inbox!) however, I was busy using a website and writing copious notes in my writing notebook when my eyes drifted down the page!

This is bound to cost you – so don’t be enticed unwittingly! Keep your eyes on the work part of the page, unlike me. I got dragged over to Amazon with a cracking promise of a 1p book. Of course the postage and packaging always gets you on these deals. I haven’t bought any books this year and there is one I have found out about since blogging that I have been promising myself I would buy. Inevitably my 1p shop led to the purchase of 2 other titles and before I knew it I have spent a couple of hours wages (and I haven’t started earning yet!) on 3 books.


They are an investment in my writing self though, and cheaper than workshops. Off to repeat the ‘money will flow’ mantra to myself as I hide my credit card!

Still I now have the excitement of waiting for parcels in the post and then actually using these manuals to get somewhere.

All in the name of creativity – my spirit may be free – but life isn’t.

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