The Return of my Muse, Almost! (Homeward Bound in an Airport Lounge Somewhere)



I have spent the best part of a week offline – something which started unintentionally and coincided with the Bank Holiday Weekend. Towards the end of which (yesterday) my thoughts turned to writing.

And I am happy  to announce the seeping joy of my muse slowly returningI speculate that she is in an airport lounge instead of home as I have managed research and found many possibilities for writing (some of which I am hoping to force out before the end of the month!) – however, I am still lacking in ideas.

I have read, read and read. Devouring two novels in as many days, I am still on the 3rd book of the Bank Holiday Weekend because I read all of the weekend papers yesterday and some articles and magazines too.

I have started a new notebookthe one we are supposed to carry with us all the time. And it is filling up with sepia ideas and snippets of experience.

I have HOPE inside my fingers that this week I will be able to tap something worthy out. I am going to post a schedule – to help me stay focussed and as it may be something you will find interesting or helpful.

I am going to reply to everyone who has posted and BIG apologies for not doing so sooner. As you can see from my schedule post time in Blogland will be sparse for the rest of the month as I concentrate on completing multiple writing projects ahead of deadline.


Happy Writing

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