FWF Free Write Friday – Dandelion Season


I am so late finding Friday’s prompt I can barely call this a Free Write Friday contribution – Tantalisingly Tardy Tuesday Write maybe…


I liked the list of prompts this week and although tempted by The Human Zoo have chosen…


Dandelion Season


As a child I believed all flowers were pretty

Especially the yellow ones,

Even the weeds.

I didn’t understand how something so vibrant

could be plucked and forced up

from it’s roots between stone.


I never saw the transformation.

I forgot to sit and look for days,

Dandelion season came and went.


The once lion-headed, flame yellow


Silenced as it




by the gentle

current of fairy wings,

Escaping into late summer’s breeze.


Following the shapes of the garden,

Up, up to freedom.

Those fairies landing on us got blown

upwards too.


I would close my eyes and

make a wish

Before I puffed my cheeks and

blew the fairy on

towards a new destination.

8 responses »

  1. Your poem creates memories of childhood summers long ago when life was sweet and uncomplicated. i can see those dandelion fairies dancing on the breeze.

  2. This is so very magical! I adore this as it reminded me of how I felt/feel about these little yellow flowers that grow in the pastures here. I have been told that they are just weeds, but they are so pretty when they fill the fields! I can’t imagine them being a weed!

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