FWF – Free Write Friday – Street View


This is my LATE entry for Kellie’s FWF – Free Write Friday Challenge, as it was my birthday weekend. I have found this image several times earlier this week whilst searching for artwork and images to use in the Inkspill portfolio.



walmart man


He liked to watch the world from here,

Street level.

He wore dark glasses

So no-one could see his thoughts

or tears.

So much had changed.

This place moved on,

even when

people didn’t.

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    • Thanks Kellie – so glad I made it! Funny how I saw this photograph 3 or 4 times yesterday!
      I have read lots of FWF today but have other bits online to catch up with before bed – I will try to read the rest before the next FWF.

      Thanks for your lovely comments. As for brevity – that’s where it ended.

  1. Yes I agree with Kellie. You paint such an evocative picture with so few words. The last three lines are terrific. It sums up so many country towns.

  2. A brilliant approach to the prompt. Here is my fav: “He wore dark glasses||So no-one could see his thoughts|| or tears.” I think that’s the reason I put on glasses at times.

  3. I am wondering if it isn’t John that is not moving on. Or is it his fate to be the observer of life in his small town. Hmm. The brevity speaks volumes!

    • John moves on in his mind everyday.
      He observes life and witnesses the changes. No one sees him.
      I think that was the initial essence of the ideas. But as with all poetry – you can read your own story 🙂

  4. People will try and hang on to what is familiar, even if the world around them changes. You express that wonderfully with John. Sorry I haven’t been back to follow up on comments!

    • It is no problem that you have been away from replies – I have been offline for 5 days – feels like 5 months!
      Thanks for the comment – John is certainly trapped in something.

      • Being offline is nice sometimes — taking a rest or being selective of how much and what you do!
        Nice to “hear” from you!

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