Quiet After Noise


Standing in the rain, getting wet on purpose

Arms outstretched and then

held behind.

Well mannered,

sourcing intuition.


Stepping forward

Begging for guidance

asking for deliverance.

Eyes closed,

Stars dance before them,

Entire galaxies

drift past.


Taken into another


which is

neither here  nor there,

In which here, neither matters or

holds power.


Infinite being


as one

to the universe.


Age but a number,

Wisdom but a dream.


Standing as still as your shadow

Allowing the world to enclose you

in fate’s gentle arms.


Embracing the future


it will be no better or worse than the past.


It can be brighter,

and injected with meaning,

As long as you stay open

to moments

like these.


2 responses »

  1. I can see you standing in your monsoon, arms open welcoming the future and all of its bright possibilities. This one is a keeper. Hold on to those words as you move forward. I know I will as well as I embrace the transition to the next phase of my life.

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