FWF – Free Write Friday – Life Goes On


This week I am late submitting any writing for the FWF challenge – one of the reasons (apart from being offline Friday night) is that I found it a challenge to prepare my mind for this week’s prompt.

It is based around the last line of your favourite book – my books are all still packed in boxes! I tried to Google end-lines and ended up choosing a novel I like but not the one I originally thought of.
books1 I did discover a wonderful webpage from ‘The Stylist’ which almanacs the best 100 last lines of novels – you may enjoy checking it out HERE

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P.S. I Love You

“In the meantime, she would just live.”

P.S. I Love You, Cecelia Ahern

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Life would never be the same again, she knew that. She also knew that she would never give up, that she would fight to clear his name for the rest of her life. But after David passed away she was far too tired to carry on the fight. She took the phone off the hook and stopped opening her post, some days she didn’t even manage to get out of bed. There was a lot she couldn’t face. She knew this time would pass, she also knew that much of her strength came from David. She had lost her connection. He wouldn’t have wanted this for her, but she had no choice – in the hold of grief she found life impossible.

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      • You should – it’s a great challenge. Did you do it? I am offline (well I am obviously not) trying to write poetry for a submission deadline and CV’s for next week – I haven’t been able to participate or read the challenges this week/weekend (hence the offline comment). I hope to catch up a little in Blogland tomorrow.

      • No, now 2 Fridays have passed, and I only did Kellie’s free write Friday. Perhaps if I go visit the site again, leave even more conspicuous post-it-notes in the appropriate places, I will remember, lol.
        Hope you got caught up!

  1. ah very nice job with the prompt! And don’t worry about the struggle to create, as you said, it will pass. just keep free writing, you will surprise yourself. Even what I think is complete crap when I’m writing during the struggle phase can become something great later on when the spark is reignited and I look at it from a different angle. who knows, this story could really take off later 🙂

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