A Day as a Job Detective!


notepad-pencilI woke up early enough to take advantage of an entire morning – I started in the garden with coffee before spending hours online. (Need to discover if the Wii Fi works up the garden.
I managed several hours of uninterrupted research, and caught up with emails.
I have also started looking for writing work – paid freelance opportunities – thought it was about time I did!
I think I have managed to find a website that doesn’t make you pay before you send proposals for work at ‘people per hour’ just wondered what other sites were out there? Does anyone have a favourite they use for work?

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  1. I’m in the same position — looking for free lance writing opportunities. I’ve done some long-distance contract work, but have been out of the writing for money loop for quite a while. I’d be interested in trustworthy sites, too.
    I know someone who has done some internet writing — I should ask her if she has a site or two she would recommend!

    • That would be brilliant – let us know here and I will do the same with any I find. I am just a little nervous in case the work doesn’t turn out as advertised – this year is all about the leap of faith and whilst I am not working on my own projects, it may be the ideal time to turn to articles and copywriting.

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