FREE Weekend Writing Retreat – You Call It!



timthumbEarlier this evening I posted news of a FREE Online Writing Retreat I am planning for the Autumn (through this blog).

I mind-mapped a lot of ideas for NAMES, then thought it would be fun to let readers of this blog name the event.

The idea behind the retreat will be writing from within. (That was my starting point.)

Please vote ONCE for your favourite event title, thank you.

This Poll is LIVE for 1 Week

*** VOTE NOW! ***

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  2. ARNeal – 56 minutes ago

    Not sure if I really was recorded; the message said my vote was counted but my choice still shows zero votes 😦

    Take another vote – if it shows as 0 then it hasn’t counted it yet. And I hope if you can spare some time in the Autumn you may pop over and join in with the retreat!

    • I wrote the write stuff ( a play on a movie title) Like the idea of a poll — interaction before an event can make folks feel more involved in the process!

      • I like write stuff, I can reveal now that this poll is closed to the vote (or at least it should be) that my favourite was Inkspill and it has come out as the popular vote here.
        I wanted readers to have a say as I hope it is them who will take part later this year in the writing weekend. I can certainly use ‘Write Stuff’ as part of the listed events.
        I am hoping further marketing of this event over the next few weeks will heighten interest.

      • Actually, inkspill was my favorite of the ones you had listed. I have some cognitive, especially memory and overwheldedness (not a word, but it describes the feeing!), so I often stumble across things like polls or contests after deadlines.
        Sounds like a great project! Good luck with the marketing, etc.
        Maybe sometime, lol, I’ll get to a poll before it closes.

      • Well there may be more polls, you may have missed the poll this time but the main event isn’t planned until OCTOBER running over a weekend from Friday evening (GMT) until Sunday Night – dates to be finalised soon, so pencil it in your diary and treat yourself to some involvement in the writing weekend!

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