SOLC Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6This week has flown by. At the beginning of the week we had our houseguest back from France. I finished the DIY on the apartment and FINALLY got it on the market! I socialised with friends. Celebrated a surprise birthday party and another Leo birthday and a wedding and also had friends over to the house at the weekend.

Yesterday my friend started her long journey back to Australia.036331-3d-glossy-blue-orb-icon-transport-travel-transportation-airplane3 I was so tired I tried to sort the house but ended up sleeping lots!
Today I asked my mum for help – accepting I needed motivating. I collected Garden furniture from hers and then she helped me unpack the lounge. We shared lunch & then she stayed until teatime helping me LOTS!
Couldn’t have achieved it without her. Also did laundry and other chores. The whole DOWNSTAIRS of the house is now done!
When Mr G came home from work he set up the Wii and we played The Cube (Christmas present)it was fab. Addictive. We played for over an hour. We both beat the Cube, once! Great fun.

Mr G cooked a curry and we watched a film. Now drinking a ginger wine sample (Christmas present) it’s the day for them… Next stop – bed! 12404137485srOB1

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