Promises to Myself


Today I am collecting garden furniture and sorting out the lounge (unpacking etc.)

I am going to spend sometime visiting blogs.

I am going to catch up with the online writing course as I missed yesterday’s deadline.

I am going to write for the Slice of Life Challenge.

I am going to look at my research notes and build up the August Writing Schedule to keep myself on track.

There is a submission I have to complete by September that I am going to focus on.


I realise because of moving and having friends visiting I really haven’t managed much writing in the past few weeks. I have had my unintentional break and now I need to climb back on the writer’s chair. Chores can be blocked around the writing and so can unpacking and setting the house straight. I can only imagine how good it will feel by the time I am done!

I recognise I struggle with self-motivation, not working has that affect!

Today I promise to say goodbye to the procrastinating pixie and get on with my life.

I will use my time wisely and push on through the feeling of tiredness I seem to permanently exist within.

I will make these promises so that before I sleep tonight I will have written – I will slip into sleep knowing that I have had a day of achievements and tomorrow I will endeavour to do the same! nike

Make some promises to yourself today to fit the things in that really matter!

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  1. Your motivation is felt over here. I’m glad to see that my quick article spoke to you. You’re right, sometimes you gotta get out and Just Do It. Cheers to staying motivated. Cheers to inspiration. Reading other people’s blogs will do that for ya. 😉
    Sheilah Overman, IMF71336

    • Thanks Sheilah – it was good to spend some time exploring Blogland – I have been too busy recently to spread my wings! Tickled me how I had just written an article that linked so well!
      I will keep looking over this list!

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