stunt-writing-final1-1 I am currently studying an online writing course in Stunt Writing – this is one of the reasons I post a daily gratitude. This week’s module (which I am late starting, today is the deadline) is all about resistance.

Before I even read the assignment notes I know only too well about resistance!
I have dealt with resistance a lot in my writing life since July – I feel myself pushing against something I have decided to do. Why? Why is it when we want to write and make the decision to write we find ourselves still doing battle against the petulant child inside us who is refusing to even pick up the pencil!  pencil

How do you cope with resistance?
How often do you find it working against what you are trying to achieve?



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  1. Resistance will always happen when I just hold the pen or face the blank screen of my computer.
    just write what’s on my mind, even sometimes it’s just a rubbish but I don’t trow the paper to waste bin nor push the delete bottom. i collected them and sometimes re-read them just give a new idea to write another stories.

    • I do the same – that’s the amazing part of free writing and from time to time the scribble pads have given birth to a much better story!
      Thanks for the helpful advice!
      Keep writing

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