Researching Writing Opportunities


typewriter I have managed to complete some research this month and haven’t scheduled time for writing – I think the summer will always be a challenging time for me – maybe I should just plan to take a week or two off next year unless I am in the middle of a project!

Due to Camp NaNoWriMo I haven’t written a writing schedule for July or August. I need one this month to keep me motivated and on track as my main missions are to sort the house and celebrate my birthday! write1

I spent several hours (about 4 looking online for a variety of opportunities – I found some that I missed! Instead of completing a million different things I may step back and take the time to work on one or two short stories and send them out. I realise with all this writing I have only had one thing published. Although the rejections are part of the course for a writer and I am not allowing them to set me back. I am acknowledging that true quality takes time.

I planned to spend this year seeking opportunities across all genres and submitting as much as I could. I have already questioned the path I am on and whether I should focus on the poetry – as I am a published poet and this is the genre which happens naturally for me!

imagesCALAS5MY I just wondered how other people focus their research – are there other writers like me who seek every and any opportunity? Do you focus by genre or publication type?

How do you research? Where do you find your opportunities?

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