The End of My 2nd Camp


So July draws to a close and there are a lot of happy writers around the worldwinner-ribbon-small who have WON their epic writing camp word count! What an achievement!
Personally my 1st camp (in April) I had more time to write and get involved, I posted on the forums, joined regional NaNoWriMo groups and wrote over 54K words! Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Winner-Campfire-Circle-Badge
However, with everything happening in July – including nice sunny, let’s be outside weather, the end of my job, moving house, hosting a friend, unpacking etc. I didn’t have the time to get involved.

  • I checked the forums just twice.
  • I did have a much more ACTIVE cabin – not sure how many cabin mates are WINNERS now though – we all seemed to struggle a little.
  • I decided to LOWER my 35000 word count in the final week as I knew I had 1000’s of words to write but wouldn’t have time for 15000 in a few days!
  • I changed it to 20,000 and slam dunked with 21110! Hurrah!
  • I managed to attend one live write in event in the city with NaNo Regional members!



Average Words Per Day 646

Your Average Per Day 681Words

Written Today 0

Target Word Count 20,000

Total Words Written 21,113

Words Remaining 0

Current Day


Days Remaining

Event Finished

At This Rate You Will Finish On August  2, 2013 – not sure about this as I WON on the 31/7

Words Per Day To Finish On Time

camp-winnercamp tent

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